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What Is An Essential Oil?

February 19, 2018

What is an essential oil?

Have you ever torn apart a plant like aloe vera and noticed clear liquid coming out?  That is the “life-blood” of the plant.  That is the essential oil.

While essential oils are in the plant, they are constantly changing their chemical composition, helping the plant to adapt to the ever-changing internal and external environment. Recent scientific research has shown that plants produce essential oils for a variety of purposes including:

  • To attract pollinators – Aroma
  • To play a role in allelopathy, a type of plant-to-plant competition – Allelopathy occurs when a plant releases chemicals to prevent competing vegetation from growing within its area or zone.
  • To serve as defense compounds against insects and other animals
  • To protect the plant by their antifungal and antibacterial nature.

So, how come plant oil works on humans?

Our bodies are biologically programmed to react to essential oil constituents, which interact with a variety of receptor sites, neurochemicals and enzymes.  They provide support for every system in the body: your skeletal system, your muscular system, circulatory system, endocrine system and your hormones, respiratory system, integumentary system (skin), and immune system.  They also support brain health and a healthy weight.

Essential oils can help alter our physical, mental and emotional well-being by triggering and strengthening our bodies’ own natural processes.​

There are thousands of uses with essential oils for everyday living!

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